Good Soil Is An Important Start

Most gardeners, including us, add organic amendments to their soil. 

There are many benefits from doing this and here is photographic proof that your plants will grow bigger, faster and stronger.

Potatoes in Wine Barrel

Potatoes In Wine Barrel

The first barrel of potatoes were planted 2 weeks before the second barrel.  We planted the first barrel with what we had on hand which was a mix of organic potting soil and organic gardening soil, the second one we added some organic humus to the mix.  Other than the soil everything else in their growing process has been the same. 

Although we didn’t really do this little experiment on purpose it really proved to us how important starting with good soil really is.  I’m glad that we have our raised beds filled with good soil this year. 

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  1. Wow! That’s pretty amazing and so true. I know my plants will do better with that kind of amendment, but I don’t always get it.

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