Green Garden Give-Away (#4): Be Smart Be Green Eco Bag

Those of you late to church… we are all looking at you and pointing.  Yup.  Don’t be late again.

Just kidding.  Kinda.  But seriously, we are doing these give-aways to celebrate National Gardening Month and hopefully motivate some folks to get out there and garden.  Or at least be a little more green.  Do something, hell anything in celebration of National Gardening Month.

Today’s give-away (give-away #4) is provided by Be Smart Be Green – an awesome company that has some killer eco bags.  I’m sure you have seen them at the stores by now.  The “green” bags.  Well, these bags that Be Smart Be Green have eat those bags for lunch… in a totally eco-friendly way of course.  Let’s get to the bags shall we?

Be Smart Be Green Eco Bags!

Now are you getting the idea?  These aren’t your run of the mill grocery bags… these are stylish totes for any occasion.  If you are not familar with LoveMaegan – she is the brainchild of Be Smart Be Green and be sure to check out her blog as well.  You will be happy you did.  Here is a link to ALL the bags they offer.

Commenting on this post will register you for this give-away, so get to commenting.  Tweet it, blog it or whatever you can do to help spread the word.  We would (and probably have) do (done) the same for you.  SPREAD THE WORD!

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