Green Garden Give-Away (#5): Over The Fence

Ok, this is the final give-away of the week.  This has been fun hasn’t it?  I mean who would have thought so many folks would have shown up and we would have got a chance to meet so many new gardeners & greenies!  Thanks for joining us here at Double D, we hope you stick around.  Wait…

Your not one of those people that just come around for the free stuff are you?!?

Better not be.  😉

So if you haven’t figured it out yet, all of this is in celebration of National Gardening Month and so what better way to wrap this up than for a gardening book for experienced & n00b gardeners?  No better way.  Give-away #5 is the gardening book – Over The Fence by Joe Lamp’l.  If you don’t know Joe… you don’t know Jack.  Wait…  you know what we mean.  Joe is on Twitter for you garden twits out there.  Go follow him if you aren’t already – here.  Here is the actual book…

Over The Fence - Joe Lamp'l

Joe is an elite gardener that has started a movement and you can read all about the $25 Victory Garden on his blog (which is an awesome read).  Joe has donated this book to the contests and we are hoping we can get him to sign the copy that you will win (but that is yet confirmed).  He has been on Good Morning America a few times in the last month – and is a true advocate for home gardening.  So how cool is it to get HIS book and truly learn from a long-time gardener that has a cause!

So you know what to do… comment and you are in.  If you are on Twitter – tell everyone you know!  And even people you don’t know.  We want this to be our biggest turn out of all.  So blog about it, call your neighbors – your cousins… Grandma.  Whoever you can think of that would love a gardening book – tell ’em.

As always, thanks to Joe Lamp’l for the contribution – and please go check out Joe Gardener and even download his free e-book in the meantime (while your waiting to win of course).  Good luck everyone!

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