Growing Herbs From Seeds

When we first got our house and then decided we were going to have a garden – one of the first things we started from seed was our herbs (say it with the H… it is a lot more fun).  I don’t think either one of us really thought we would be able to do it.  Not that it is hard, but just watering and such takes effort – ad we lack that at times… it is true, sorry.

But before long we had little sprouts and before long true leaves and now… ladies & gents… we have full blown herbs.  😉  Below you can check out our pictures of Parsley & Basil.

basil & parsley pictures

The moral of this story… well, don’t doubt your skillset of course.  You will be suprised what you can do when you spend a little time & effort.  As with all gardening, it is amazing to grow something from a little seed into a plant.  So cool.

Is it time for some tomato basil soup yet?  If only we could get some tomatoes going.  Damn tomatoes.

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