Hello Spring… We Missed You

Happy first day of Spring to everyone!  We have had Spring like weather mixed with a few wintry days for the past month or so, but it is nice to know that Spring is now official.

In honor of Spring our Lime Tree opened it’s first bloom yesterday.  Citrus blooms smell amazing and are beautiful as well.

Lime Tree Bloom

view the fullsize picture on Flickr (these are super crunchified)

I snapped this picture after the tree got a good watering.  Citrus trees like a more humid climate than what we have here so we always make sure to water the entire tree.

 Ladybug on Lime Tree 

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We went to a couple of places to look at plants last night and when we got back we found this ladybug in the front yard.  James picked him up and gave him a new home on the lime tree.  We have an issue with afids so hopefully he will find some food and stay awhile.


view this picture on Flickr

This little girl (Izzy) is loving the nice weather.  She had completed a round of ball fetching and was laying down for a little rest.  Right after I took this she was right back up and ready to play.  She never rests for long!

Let’s welcome Spring everyone!  Hope it is nice and springy in your “neck of the woods“.

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