Hello Tomato, Let’s Be Friends

We really thought we were just bad parents.  Bad gardeners… whatever. 

From everything we heard, you could grow tomatoes on the roof of a 70 story building, with no soil… watering occasionally with beer left over from the night before… kicking it when you walked by just to show it who is boss.  In a few weeks tomatoes start poppin’ up and your eating fresh goods by weeks end.

Ok… maybe not that drastic of circumstances… but you know what I’m saying.

However we have had more hell with our tomatoes this year than anything.  After watching two plants just straight up die… we moved some volunteers and watched them succumb to the same fate.

Something about killing a perfectly good plant makes you feel invalid for some reason.  **shakes head**

So after murdering several tomato…


Did we mention that we also grew some from seed and deleted those from existence as well?  Yuppers.

We have red on our hands… a lot of red.

Back to what I was saying.  After trying our best to take all tomatoes off the earth, we finally found a few that we have yet to kill.  Amazing eh?

And on top of that, we have our first tomato pokin’ it’s little butt out.  Just like that… we are awesome parents/gardenders again.  Send your digital hi-5(s) via the comments section.  We know you want to.  Check it…

New Tomato Pictures

Oh and one last pic for extra credit…  our first banana pepper.

Banana Pepper

8 thoughts on “Hello Tomato, Let’s Be Friends”

  1. I think the erratic weather is causing the plants to struggle this year. I’m getting my tomatoes much later than last year. That banana pepper looks gorgeous.

  2. @Miss Tre – Thank you, thank you…

    @Kristi – Yeah our weather has been a bit crazy too, and yes we are partial to the banana pepper as well.

    @deb – thanks… finally.

    @Angie – my thoughts exactly.

    @theManicGardener – deal. Keep your problems, we will keep ours.

  3. Yay!!!! While I’m not quite the murderous fiend you guys are, I was pretty ecstatic myself seeing those first fruit 😉

  4. @Amy – well, it wasn’t our intentions to be so murderous… 🙂

    We are happy to see it, along with our peppers and such… we should have salsa soon enough.

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