Hello Weekend, Bye Bye Work Week


we made it again.  We can relax (yeah right) and see how our garden grows… do a little BBQ.  You know how we roll.

Snapped this picture at lunch and it kind of suited the occasion (it being a weekend and all).  So instead of just keeping it to ourselves, I figured why not share it with you guys… because we are cool like that.

Izzy & Mikey chillin'.

Mikey (the lil Oscar Myer like dude) wants you to BBQ this weekend and invite him over to eat.  It is already making him salivate a bit, thats why he is licking his lips.  He has been on a little bit of a diet lately, so he is ready to have a good meal.  Sausage is one of his favs… he also is a big fan of ribs, but only the bones.  Here are a few BBQ tips for you to get started on that with.

Izzy (the large white mass beside Mikey) wants you to get your garden ready for her to walk around in and stomp things into the ground.  Don’t let her shy face fool you.  If possible, build a fence around it for her to jump over and laugh at you from the other side.  That would be ideal, if you can make a pathway for her to sit on so she doesn’t have to get her butt dirty from the ewwwy dirty… that would be helpful.   She likes jalapenos the most… be sure to make them the most “pounceable” plant in the garden.  Be sure to check out our “Gardening” category if you need some reading to keep you busy in your garden this weekend.

Whatever you decide to do this weekend, be safe and have a good time.  Sneak a nap or three in.  Have a few drinks (if your into that kinda stuff).  Watch the grass grow… read a book.  Whatever, just make it worth it.

What do you have planned for this weekend?  Anything good?  Anything not good?  Do share.  Or don’t, your choice.  If you don’t share… be prepared.  We will tell the intrawebtranet that you are not the sharing type.  Then your computer will crash.  And your blog will become vacant and we will make fun of it.  Or not.  Who knows.

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  1. We live on Belgrade Stream. It looks more like a river, but it’s called a “stream”.

    Our boat

    I planted New Guinnea impatiens in the planters along the front rail. They’re doing great! The planters were Dave’s idea. A good one!

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