Intervention Needed: We Might Have a Problem

I’m just saying…

Have a gardening problem?

Seedlings (4 diff containers), Potatoes (2 diff containers), garlic/onions, Tulips, Hibiscus, Palms… Lime Trees… this is just on the side of what was really going on that day.  Us building a new raised bed was the real project this past weekend. Before I forget – you see the tote flipped upside down, there are tomato seeds under there.  Deb over @ Aunt Deb’s Garden gave us the idea – so we half assed it.  When I say half-assed it… I mean we didn’t have a tote handy like she uses and so we had to use this one.  But it still worked like a mini-greenhouse.

You can’t even see the other stuff on the inside that we didn’t want to move out.

Do we have a problem? Do you have a problem?  Likely… if your here reading a garden blog on Wednesday.  Possibly.

But we like it. 😉

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