Just Waiting On The Hummers

Even though we bought this feeder a couple of weeks ago I just now got it up this weekend.  The red bottle joined with the pretty red Verbena flowers should attract some hummingbirds soon.  We are just playing the waiting game now.

Humming bird feeder and red verbena plant

Both the plant and feeder are hung in the middle of windows in our sunroom that are visible from our livingroom.  They are in the perfect spot so we are sure to see the birds when they arrive.  My mom has been bragging on all the hummingbirds in her yard for the past couple of weeks, so I’m really hoping to attrack some so that we can brag too!

Any tips or tricks that you use to get the hummers to your feeders that you would like to share?

2 thoughts on “Just Waiting On The Hummers”

  1. I have a butterfly hummingbird habitat in my backyard. I place flowers that have long tube like flowers for the hummingbirds here in the North Texas area. Such flowers are: Turks Cap, Trumpet Vine (though it is VERY invasive), scarlet sage, and they love Zinnia’s! Check out my hummingbird section on my cafepress shop for images of hummingbirds taken in my backyard.


    Good luck on trying to attract them to your yard, they are lovely to watch and cute to listen to when they are chattering.

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