Lime Tree Coming Back w/ Pics

Our Mexican lime tree has been having issues this spring.  Mainly because of our wind & weather for the first part of this spring.  One day we went outside about a month ago and it looked like it had about 10 leaves on it.  It was sad sad times.

This past week we have noticed it is finally taking a turn for the better.  Spring has sprung and so we are happy to post some pictures of our lime tree making a long overdue comeback.

We are going to give it some nitrogen this weekend via the most organic way possible, we read that some citrus trees that are lacking nitrogen have a problem with bearing fruit and their leaves turn a yellowish green.  This is our problem at the moment, so we are going to help it out!

See the pics below and enjoy.  I can almost taste the lime in my beer already. 😉

Mexican Lime Tree Pics

If you are wondering how to care for a lime tree… look no further, here is a how to care for a lime tree post for ya.

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