Mesclun Sprouts

On May 6th our Mesclun started sprouting and it is really growing good now.  I see new little sprouts everyday and am shocked at how fast it grows. 

Here is a picture that James took on May 6th.

Mesclun sprouts

And here is one from yesterday (May 12).

Mesclun Sprouts

On the 6th there was maybe 5 sprouts and you can see that there are a lot more than 5 now.  I’m a little worried about the scorching weather that we have in West Texas since Meslcun would rather have nice cool weather.  I am fully prepared to move the whole barrell either inside the storage building or even into the kitchen if I start to see it suffering.  It is protected from the afternoon sun, but I’m just not sure if that is going to be enough.  We will see! 

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  1. Well we do have jalapenos, actually a couple of plants, but no pigs and please stop giving James ideas like that!

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