Mikey Danger Turns 5 Years Old Today

We are not some kind of weirdos that have birthday parties for our dogs with silly hats and all that jazz.  We do know when Mikey’s birthday is, simply because it was on the same day that Shala & I became boyfriend/girlfriend (BF/GF as she might say).  So when this day comes around it is easy to remember.

Ok – maybe there is going to be a small birthday cake and about 30 other dogs over tonight… but still.  We won’t have hats for them.  Not big ones.

😉  I kid… I kid.

Mikey is 5 years old today though.  That lil legged wrinkly thing that we picked up 4 years, 10 months & 1 week ago today was pretty cute and it is hard to believe he is an old man now.  He now is a lil-legged wrinkly thing, but 5 years older.  I guess in dog years… what is that… 33 years old.  It is a mistake people often make when counting their dog’s age.  The first 2 years of dog years are 10.5 to each human year.  Then afterwards it is 4 years per human year. 

See you learn something new everyday.  Now on with the cute pictures of him as a little guy.  Happy birthday Danger Dog! These will look familiar if you were a jcnet visitor on Mikey’s last birthday – my apologies.

Mikey as a little wiener.

Little Mikey again.

Mikey with his bone.

Mikey in the snow

Mikey grown up.

5 thoughts on “Mikey Danger Turns 5 Years Old Today”

  1. I LOVE him. He was one cute puppy. There’s nothing weird about a tasteful dog birthday celebration, right? Please say no.

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