New Dog Bed

We haven’t spoke about it, but our dogs just fought through a bout of kennel cough this past couple of weeks and are doing much better.  Before we realized they had it though, we had picked them up a new bed @ Target.  When we noticed the cough, we decided to wait to give it to them – since we didn’t want to have to wash it immediately and so on.

The dogs are well now and so we let them have it the other night.  That sounded bad… we gave them their wonderful new bed the other night.  That is better.

They loved it and both jumped on it and then fell to sleep pretty quickly.  They looked pretty cute on the bed, so we snapped a few pics.  Enjoy.

Izzy & Mikey In Their New Bed.

Another one... but sleepin'.

4 thoughts on “New Dog Bed”

  1. Hello! visited after you said hello! I am also a doggy person – we have beagles. Sorry yours had kennel cough…not nice.

    Its nice to see differing environments that we all garden in! You plant things straight outside that we wouldn’t dream of being able to do, but i suppose a greenhouse would be about 5 million degrees for you guys! Happy Growing!

    Cat x

  2. ghost – yup, ’tis post your kids day… you didn’t know?

    Cat – My wife is who probably commented, but BEAGLES ROCK! And I can’t agree with you more about seeing gardens all around the globe and how different they are. Also agree with the 5 million bazillion degrees – TEXAS IS HOT!

    Barbee’ – The first thing Shala said when we pulled it out was… I want to lay on it.

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