New Yellow Hibiscus Plant & Red One Blooming

A few weeks back we picked up this small yellow hibiscus plant that has yet to bloom, but is close.  We love hibisicus plants and we wanted a yellow one because when we took our trip to Hawaii they had them everywhere and it reminds us of that.  Soooo… it was obvious that we should get one right?  Sure.

We have yet to repot this little guy, but it is coming this weekend I am sure.  I know it has been driving Shala crazy being in that little plastic pot.

Yellow Hibiscus Plant

On a similar note, our big Red Hibiscus Plant is blooming again – HUGE blooms.  Check it out below, in comparison to my tiny fat baby-like hands.

Red Hibiscus Blooming Picture

9 thoughts on “New Yellow Hibiscus Plant & Red One Blooming”

  1. This is a great site, I’ve been reading the past posts all morning. Thanks to you I’m going try to find some citronella plants to keep the mosquitos away. I had never thought of that before. Great pictures too.
    Take care

  2. @Nancy Bond – Thanks, we like ’em.

    @ghost – welcome back to the intrawebs. Thanks, what does it mean?

    @Kristi – THANKS! Come back, stay a while… grab a chair. We have had mixed results so far with the skeeter plant stuff. We are still waiting for our lemongrass to ship here.

  3. Lookin good!! Pat’s from Hawaii so we love the hibiscus. I think it’s too cold and rainy over here for those plants to survive…maybe try singing to the yellow one…

  4. Reminds me of the trip to Hawaii my big brother and I went on. The stuff grows wild there! Now that Tammy and I are homeowners, I’d love to grow some here.

  5. Very pretty. Have you tried to grow the hardy varities. I will have pictures in a couple of weeks. The flowers are huge.

  6. @Casey – your an everyday reader too! Kinda. You should grow some.. easy and they are sooo freakin’ cool.

    @deb – you will have to show us. Not sure which ones you are referring to.

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