Oh How Our Garden Has Changed…

We were looking at pictures this past weekend on our Flickr account (feel free to check it out if you have a minute, be our friend if you are a Flickr-er as well), and we couldn’t believe how much things have grown in the past couple months.  So we tried to replicate the pictures we had taken a month ago so you could see it like we see it.

So here is the picture of our garden in the middle of May…

Our Garden May 19th 2008

Now you can see the stuff at the far end, on the right… its our potatoes, they are long gone.  Harvested.  Look at the tiny peppers on the right, and honestly some of the plants on the left have died.  I don’t know which ones, since we killed a lot of them haha.

Here is the picture from this past weekend.

Our Garden in July

Pretty cool to see it grow this much in two months.  You can see on the right those same lil sprigs of pepper plants have grown into small plants now, and they are producing peppers now.  On the left, you can see the okra, bell & banana peppers and tomatoes flanking the peppers on each side.  The tomatoes are about 3.5 ft. tall, and producing tomatoes.

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