Okra is Sprouting

Okra is a warm weather veggie and is usually planted in late May or early June, but with the weather we have been having we decided to start some a little early.  The seeds germinated in a reasonable amount of time and I’m thinking that the early planting will do just fine.

Okra Sprout Picture

I planted two seeds per hole to make sure that we had one in each spot and every seed germinated.  I’m going to give them a couple of days then thin out the smaller seedling.  This will leave us with three okra plants which I’m thinking won’t be enough so there will probably be some container okra showing up soon!

After last night’s planting we thought that we were done, but we aren’t.  I’m thinking that we will always find one more thing to plant and one more pot that needs something in it.  How about you?

3 thoughts on “Okra is Sprouting”

  1. … still say you’re just bragging… waving your okra right there in our faces like… oh, wait… that sounds kinda… well… you know… *ahem*

  2. We have 12-15 okra plants in Grimes County, Texas. They seem to like the dry, hot weather we have been having. We rise early (5:30) to water them. They were planted in April and though they are large and pretty, we don’t harvest much okra. Hmmmmm. Is it the heat? Lately, black ants have attacked the flowers. I tried the vinegar and water and will let you know how it works. Dang Ants!!

  3. The vinegar and water killed the ants yesterday. More ants today. Applied more vinegar and water. I can’t do this every day. I’m going to try something else soon.

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