Organic Bird Control: Meet Mr. Owl

We are a little worried about the birds that frequent our backyard, there are so many old trees in our neighborhood and so it is just nature being nature.  You would think that our “bird” dog would handle them… but she likes to lay in the sun and watch them peck at the veggies and walk around in the yard, far more than actually chasing/catching/eating them. 

Who would have thought that we would have the best organic method of taking care of birds… yet it is broken?

Damn dog.

So we had heard owls were a good way, but I will be damned if I can catch one or even see one these days… so we went with the artificial one.  It was a lot easier to catch. 

We would like you to meet… Mr. Owl – the wisest bird on the block.

Use an owl for organic bird control.

Kiss those pesky birds good bye, or at least that is our hope.  We have heard this is a great method to organically control birds around your garden… let’s cross our fingers.  If nothing else we can just have a nice pet owl that requires very little water and/or food… our kind of pet.

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