Our 3rd Attempt At Greatness

If you read yesterday, you read that our latest okra sprouts got taken care of by a nasty little demon of a dog named Izzy.  We love her, really we do… it is the liking her thing that is getting harder and harder.  So after contemplating her death about replanting… we finally got talked into it by Deb.  Thanks Deb.  You can tell we needed a whole lot of motivation to plant some more crap eh? 😉

Actually, with the weather lately – it did take a bit of talking us into it to get it accomplished.  Yesterday I think it was 104 or so, which is HOT if you didn’t know already.  We decided to get out there though and replant the okra and also give our squash & cucumbers another try.  Something really ate the last batch like crazy, but we couldn’t figure out what it was… so this time we are keeping a close eye on it.

Also – we put down some yellow onions here and there just because we have pulled some of our white onions and they are so easy to grow… so why not!  So here we go again…  let us pray our dog doesn’t decide these need trampling as well.

8 thoughts on “Our 3rd Attempt At Greatness”

  1. One of several excuses I have for not growing for-eating kinds of plants is my dogs’ inclination to trample all the little things. I’m going to start planting spiky unwelcoming plants in the front of the bed to keep them out. Also, my dogs are boys, so everything edible would have to be raised up above a certain line, if you know what I mean.

  2. @Megan – what is sad is we have a nice fence to “keep them out” – however… it apparently doesn’t matter to Izzy. She is a hoe. And I don’t mean that in no gardening way either. haha

    Her big paws just seem to seek out anything living.

  3. Way to keep at it!! I helped the daycare kids pot some plants during Gardening and Growing week over here. We dumped an entire packet of carrot seeds into one little pot…I wonder if they’ll grow….

    And Shala you’re so right! Every time I see Twilly I’m like “really???” I don’t get it. He’s just weird. Maybe she’s keeping him for good tv….I refuse to believe she actually sees husband material in that one. Weirdo. 😉

  4. Have you tried planting a radish at the base of every cucumber, squash, melon? It keeps those darn borer beetles away. Seems to work for me, haven’t had the stem become mush since I started doing this.

  5. Ha, gotta love the dogs. I was growing a few tomatoes, peppers, and a single tomatillo plant just for kicks. Now, thanks to my little Jack Russel Terror, I’m just growing tomatoes and peppers. Tomatillo plants must be tasty, cause she devoured the whole thing.

  6. My dog tramples things in the early spring, but by now she is fairly well trained to stay on the walkways. She does get a little exuberant when chasing the bees or sniffing the compost pile, but other than that she is good. I’ll tell her “no” when she is chasing a bee; she stops and looks and me then sighs and lies down. She is smart enough to know that she will get kicked out of the garden if she doesn’t listen and she really likes to be there with me.

  7. @Kathy – Carrots… umm couple seeds would have done it. 😉 Also… you girls and that DAMN Bachelor/Bachelorette crap. **shakes head**

    @Cathy – We have not tried that, but we might now, since we replanted some – we might get that going this weekend. Thanks for the tip and for stopping by!

    @Casey – Dude… where you been!?!? Izzy doesn’t eat anything, that would make sense… she does nothing that makes sense. She just uses her GIGANTIC paws to clobber things into a mess of dirt, leaves and afterthoughts.

    @Daphne Gould – Can you come train our dog? Granted she is only 6 months and when we are out there it is a different story… it is when we are gone and she jumps the fence and runs a-muck. She seems to have calmed down lately though. **crosses fingers**

    @deb – you inspired us to give it another try. Like we needed much.. haha

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