Our Baby Jalapenos & Ripe Tomatoes

We have been watching as our first tomatoes have turned ripe and red and finally we are getting somewhere it feels like.  You know you watch these little seedlings and sprouts weed themselves out and it is disheartening at times.  You see things die, some prosper and you wonder if any will make it full term… then FINALLY you start to see the “fruits” of your labor.

This week we are seeing our first jalapenos forming and growing pretty quickly – which is a sigh of relief.  We actually had a jalapeno plant just up and die about a month ago.  One day it was fine, the next it was wilted and dead.  After digging it up, we couldn’t figure out what we did wrong.  Still we don’t have a clue.  So seeing the other two plants starting to produce is a huge pick me up.  Check out the two pics below of our first two jalapenos getting after it.

Jalapeno Plants Starting to Produce

Another jalapeno producing - awesome!

As you can see, all around the current jalapenos that are growing there are several more blooms – I would say roughly 20 or so per plant.  We are thrilled.  I doubt that they will be able to handle producing that much at this point, since they are still only about 12 inches tall – but still… a good sign that they will be producing quit a bit this year.  If you know us, we love jalapenos… so this is a huge plus. 🙂

Also across the walkway we have two of our tomato plants producing tomoatoes as well.  And unlike the jalapenos, these are ready to eat at any time.  We have yet to pull any, simply because we haven’t had time to cook this week or anything so we want to utilize them to the fullest.

The two plants that are producing are the “world’s smallest tomato” and the “husky cherry red”.  Both have ripe tomatoes on them, and they will soon be eaten.  They also have a handful of tomatoes on each that are ripening as I type.  Should be a busy tomato year.  We also have two other plants at the moment that are growing like weeds and we expect to see tomatoes on at least one of them in the coming weeks.  We are going to be eating A LOT of tomatoes.  Who wants to be our friends now eh?  Check out the pics below of the tomatoes that are ripe on the vine.

MMMmmMmM Tomatoes

Another ripe tomato

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