Our Bradford Pear, Or MY Tree… As I Like To Call It

As much as I love spring and all the pretty things it brings, it also brings on allergies and sinus infections.  I’ve been battling sickness since Monday and finally broke down and went to the doctor yesterday.  They gave me a nice shot in the arm and a prescription for some antibiotics.  I’m better today, but tired, hopefully that will wear off soon. 

James asked if I had gone outside and looked at my tree (the Bradford Pear) lately and since I haven’t done anything but sit on the couch all week, I hadn’t.  He said that I should.  I walked out with camera in hand and quickly realized that it is no wonder that I am sick!  Everything around our neighborhood is in full bloom.

On Saturday there were a few little blooms on the tree.  Look at it now!

Bradford Pear Tree

It is covered in those beautiful white flowers!

Bradford Pear Blooms and Leaves

I love the contrast of the white blooms with the new bright green leaves.  They just scream SPRING, don’t they?  Nothing like brand new growth to let you know Spring is just around the corner.  James says it is “already here”, but I know better than that.

If you want to see more pictures of our Bradford Pear in bloom – click here.

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