Our First Year To Garden Eggplants

Like a girl fresh into college, this year we tried a few new things (what a great first line eh?).  One of those new things – eggplant.  When we moved into our first home, there were some already growing, but hell if we knew what to do with them.  So we gave them away, and never really thought of them agian.  Well this year we picked one up that was on “clearance” – it is always funny to talk about plants on “clearance” but still – we think we are saving the lil guys when we pick them up.  Or at least that is what we tell ourselves anyhow.  Any reason to get a new plant eh?

So with eggplant planted – we sat and waited.  And waited.  And so on.

Before long we noticed some purple blooms and hoped our lil bee friends would do their part.

Eggplant Blooms

I guess they did, because soon enough – a baby eggplant had started to develop. 

Baby Eggplant

How cool eh?  So with little to no effort – we were eatin’ eggplant parm and lovin’ life. 

We did have a little bit of help though – did consult a few online buds and used a Eggplant Guide the first go ’round.  But who doesn’t need a little help their first time?  “That’s what she said”.  Too easy.

What new things did you try this year in the garden?  We had a few others, beans are going now – and we had very little experience growing beans in the past.  But… that is the glory of gardening – trying new things each year… am I right?

2 thoughts on “Our First Year To Garden Eggplants”

  1. Well, kudos to you!!! What a healthy looking plant. My 93 year old Aunt used to try a new vegetable every year and swears by it to keep it interesting each year.

  2. You can keep your plants producing eggplants for years with this natural product in the link. I have had the same plants for 3 years. I cover them in the freeze and cut them back when it begins to warm up. This product naturally takes care of every insect and fungus problem I have came across. I have harvested hundreds of eggplants off of 4 plants.

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