Our Memorial Day Weekend In Ruidoso, NM

We visited Ruidoso, New Mexico – which we do usually once a year.  It is about a 5 hour drive from Midland and gives us an escape to the mountains & cool weather.  Not to mention there is a horse track, casinos & for the ladies… shopping.

So this past weekend we did some of this…

Golf @ Ponderosa Pines in Cloudcroft, NM

Shala @ Ponderosa Pines in Cloudcroft NM

We stopped & smelled the “flowers”…

Dandelion Pictures

Some random pink flower

Daisy like flower

We enjoyed the hummingbirds at our camp…

Humming Birds in Ruidoso, NM

We enjoyed the smell of pine trees…

Pine Trees in Ruidoso NM

More Pine Trees in Ruidoso

We enjoyed the views of the mountains/hills…

Mountain in Ruidoso from campsite

We bet on horses at Ruidoso Downs Racetrack… and this one paid us off…

Horse at Ruidoso New Mexico

Horse @ Ruidoso Downs NM

Horse #6 @ Ruidoso NM

Needless to say, it was a great weekend in Ruidoso.  Not everything worked out as planned, we didn’t win big at the track or the casino… but we enjoyed be there.  Being with each other.  Being with our family.

How was your Memorial Day weekend?  Do anything fun?  How did you celebrate?  Do share.

1 thought on “Our Memorial Day Weekend In Ruidoso, NM”

  1. Looking at your pictures makes me want to head to the mountains. I love being up in the Colorado Rockies soaking in everything. The trout fishing is really fun. I want to take a fishing trip to New Mexico on the Red river. That is the best trout fishing river ever in my opinion.

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