Our Weekend In Pictures…

We had a nice weekend, enjoying our garden and getting into the pool a few times.

On Saturday we hit up the farmers’ market in Downtown Midland, and then we hit up another one a bit later.  Both had great produce, however the second one had a bit more to choose from.

While there we picked up some okra, cucumbers, a watermelon and some garlic.  All for a super low price and everything was fresh as can be.  We were very happy.  We have yet to harvest any okra or cucumbers… so in the meantime, we figured we would help out a local grower.

So with fresh okra, we decided to harvest a squash to accompany it and Shala also put on a pot of beans. 

Fresh Okra & Squash 

So for dinner on Saturday, we had the following classic southern meal…

Grilled Pork Loin

Fried Okra

Fried Squash

Red Beans


Fresh Cucumbers

How is that for some good stuff?  It had been a long time since we had ate anything listed above, so it was awesome and not to mention fresh as can be.

We were very happy with the squash, and good thing… because we have already pulled another and have about a million setting as we speak.  Anyone need squash?!?!? haha  Just say the word.

Squash, squash & more squash

Our okra has started to bloom and produce pods, so we should actually have fresh okra soon as well.  That is cool, since we had almost given up on it after the dog trampled it and we did our best to kill it ourselves.

Okra blooming pictures.

I know a lot of you guys are already harvesting daily tons of fresh veggies, but we are a tad bit behind.  Until we are able to do so… we figure we will help out local growers and eat great veggies.  If you do not know where to find a local grower in your area, check out this link: Local Harvest (thanks Tim)

4 thoughts on “Our Weekend In Pictures…”

  1. Hi Guys!
    How in the world are you keeping the squash vine borers away? I planted 3, they were beautiful then all of a sudden, they were infested! All 3 plants are now gone and I’m afraid to plant more. What’s your organis trick?

  2. @Angie – I guess we are lucky… can’t beat that. We monitor our plants more than anything, always keeping an eye out. If we see anything odd on the underside of the leaves or stems – we hand pick it off.

    I did read somewhere that if you plant your squash in early july that it will not be big enough to be effected by the end of July adult borers. So if you plant right this minute, maybe you can still make some squash happen. GET OUT THERE!

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