P is for Pepper, That’s Good Enough For Me

You know – if I can be quite honest with you, there were times (and still are) when Shala & I wonder if this whole gardening thing is really meant for us.  Our first year death to life ratio when it comes to plants is staggering.  We tend to leave out the fact that something dies – as it isn’t as fun as the positive things that go on in our garden.

After talking to some people around this area and even hearing it on the news with local farmers – we realized this has been one of the worst years for vegetables in a long time.  The extreme heat, lack of actual rain & hot dry wind… a deadly combo.  So after hearing others say they were having a hell of a time, we didn’t feel so bad about murdering out half of our plants.  😉  See how that works… other people struggle and now our killing of plants are justified.  Pretty smooth eh?

However, this past month we have gotten rain after rain (ok, like 3 inches total… but still – tons for our lil area) storm and nice weather in general (haven’t crossed 100 in a while).  So with this great weather and actual Jesus drops… our plants started to really take off.  Seriously we look at you guys’ gardens and we want to throw up.  THROW UP!

“look at my peas/squash/tomato/bean/blahblahbalhABLHBALhBLahbahlah!”

We want to go and pee in your gardens… well – you know what we mean.  By pee we mean steal all the plants & veggies and take pictures and post them on the web before we kill them with love and act like they are ours.  We are sneaky like that.  Sometimes.

I say all of that to say this…

The one thing I wanted more than anything was Jalapenos.  If you saw how many we eat at any given BBQ – you would see why.  In fact, any given day – sandwiches, burgers, tacos, quacamole… I mean anything & everything.  So this was a no brainer to grow these guys.

Well just like everything else… all of our peppers have been a joke.  Blooming and immediately throwing those blooms on the ground.  Had a few die.  We bought 2 more to fill the gaps… so 4 jalapeno plants in total… and we have eaten a total of ZERO jalapenos from them.  We also have grown Santiago Hybrid & Hot Portugal from seed only to see them act like their row-mates – the jalapenos, and hate us as parents.

Not to mention the banana pepper & bell pepper plants that must hate us as well… they haven’t died, but they laugh when we walk by and see blooms on the ground.  We have read, acted and tried EVERYTHING on earth to remedy this problem and until the rain of late… it was all futile at best.

So here we go… the time has come for us to be the badasses we knew we always were… you read?  Ready to hate?  Get your hatin’ hats on, your going to want to pee on our garden soon enough.  Actually – go ahead and hate us after the jump.

Jalapenos almost ready to go

Jalapenos ready to eat?  Almost.

Check the size of this one so far.

lots in the works

These below are the ones we grew from seed, first one is the Santiago Hybrid… second one is the Hot Portugal.

Santiago Hybrid Pepper Plant

Hot Portugal Pepper Plant

Then lastly the banana pepper plant & bell pepper plant…

Banana Pepper

Bell Pepper Plant

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