Perhaps This House Isn’t For You?

We have been house hunting, trying to find a house that is comparable to what we have not… which is hard.  The market here is still high as a kite and so we have to pay about 20K more for the same type house, less than a year later.  How ya like that?  No likey.

So on our quest we find some funny and interesting things.  To say the least.  We are going to try and take some picks of some of those things… the things that make us grin at least.  🙂

When looking at this house the other day, the light switch covers looked like this…

Deer Light Switch Plate...

Rodeo Light Switch Plate

Sorry the pics are a lil blurry because they were taken on my cell phone, but you get the idea.  I know it is just light switch plates, but this kinda wrapped the house up.  Perhaps this house wasn’t for us eh?  😉

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