Picked a Pail of Peppers

Yesterday morning it was nice, so I strolled through the garden and harvested some of the many peppers.  The jalapeno plants were begging to get picked – so they got the brunt of it.

We are already planning how we would do things different next year, the only bad thing is we don’t know where we will be next year… if we will have a garden… all that mess.  Remember our house is pending tear-down and parking lot building.  Don’t get us started.

Seriously.  Don’t.  😉

So we are making kind-of half ass plans at the moment until we can figure out where we will be living, what kind of plot we will have… all that jazz.  But we can still dream right?

Back to the peppers.

Picked a few handfulls of jalapenos, a hot portugal & a few santiagos.  Not to mention that beautiful bell pepper.  Check ’em out…

Peppers harvested from the garden.

So with our new peppers… we decided to use them.  WHY NOT!  Actually we just used the bell pepper and I used a few of the hot ones (santiago hybrids).  Nothing like fresh peppers for your favorite dishes… right?  Kung Pow Chicken was on the menu for last night with fried rice.  Top notch.  Here is a pic of how it turned out…

Kung Pow Chicken Recipes

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