Pictures of Our Cantaloupe Growing

We are growing our own cantaloupe this year and wanted to show the progress to those growing cantaloupe of their own.  We will document the growth of our cantaloupes using pictures, since most people are visual (like us) and learn best from what they look like.

Cantaloupe Picture 4 Weeks Above Ground – The hot weather has really helped these guys grow.  Most of the cantaloupe plants are now showing some big true leaves.  This one even has two!

Cantaloupe Picture 4 weeks

Cantaloupe Picture 1 Week Above Ground – Now beginning to sprout their first true leaves, the cantaloupe are really growing.  They seem slow, but with the weather getting nice and hot – they should be getting big in no time.

Cantaloupe Pictures week 1

Cantaloupe Picture Sprout’s 1st Day – This is the first day our cantaloupes were above ground.  The sprouts were so cute, and we caught them the first day before they even stretched out to grab the sun.

Cantaloupe Sprout Pictures

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