Pictures of Our Cucumbers Growing

We are growing our very own cucumbers this year and you know us too well – we wanted to share the progress to those growing cucumbers on their own as well.  We will do our best to document the growth of our cucumbers using pictures, since that is the best way to learn.  Look at our cucumber pictures to compare to your own.

Cucumber 4 Weeks Old Picture – We trimmed off the original sprout leaves in hope to force the plant to start really getting after it.  The weather has been good still with great heat & sun, so we should be seeing this one really change soon.  It has two full true leaves now.

Cucumber Week 4 Pictures

Cucumber 2 Weeks Above Ground Picture – Finally some true leaves are coming in, and the cool thing is it is still very young.  We have had great weather (as far as heat & sun) and we hope it will do these guys some good.

Cucumber Vine Week 2

Cucumber Sprout’s 1st Day Picture – This is the first day our cucumbers graced us with it’s presence.  The sprouts were adorable, and it looks like we got a little sprinkle happy while seeding them.

Cucumber Sprout Pictures, Photos

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