Pictures While Driving: Crazy Dallas Cowboys Fan

I hate the Cowboys.  Mainly because of people like this guy that we snapped a pic of last weekend in Odessa.  I’m sure when he bought his car his first thought was…

“Holy Moly… I need to get a kickass silver car so it will match my precious Cowboys!”

You know that is how it went down.  Then he went straight from the dealership to the NFL shop to pick up all the awesome decals, stickers and other various bs that he could adhere to his ride to help make it more cowboy-ish.

Looks Cowboy-ish already. Like Brokeback Mountain Cowboy-ish.


Insane Dallas Cowboy Fan Car

If your counting… that is 1 license plate thingy, 3 decals on the trunk, 5 stickers on the back windshield – and we didn’t even get to see the front or side of the car.  I’m sure he had spinners on his wheels with Cowboy’s nonsense dangling and probably star headlights or something.

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