Pictures While Driving: Sealed To Lock In Freshness

Shala snapped this one out the window as we were driving to go eat breakfast the other morning.  We live directly in front of a school and someone’s car got OWNED.  I remember coming back from school trips and my car being shoe polished or every once in a while someone toilet-papering my house.  Maybe an egg or two would be thrown… but dude… if I came home from a school function and someone wrote “LOSER” on my driver side window in orange ?shoe polish? then saw my whole entire car wrapped up like a deli sandwich… I would be PISSED!  I hope this guy/gal got home and found these people and pee’d on their radiator.  Enjoy.

Saran Wrap someone's car while they are out of town... ass.

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  1. We did that to a manager at Academy. I had pictures but sadly they were on my phone that got washed.

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