Pictures While Driving: Sidecar

I believe the comment Shala said while we were driving behind these two was something like…

“No matter how bad your day is, a sidecar can always make you smile.”

I couldn’t say it better.

Sidecar picture - crackin' me up.

A few extra credit ones while I’m pulling stuff off my phone…

This one was at the local nursery, and I just wonder if they really think “Ad” is spelled “Add” or if it really was a type-o… err write-o… whatever.  I would assume they think it is how you spell it since they left out the apostrophe as well.  But nice eyeball art – I think.

Weekly Ad.

One more…

This morning I had a strange start to my drive to work.  Saw two wrecks and had to take a different route because of it.  Saw a squirrel gang fight I believe in the middle of the road… it was intense.  Then when I got to work on the way in I saw this hat laying in the middle of the parking lot.  We work in a business center, this was so out of place.  It looks like the hat the biker guy in The Village People wears, snaps and leather and everything.  Just seemed like something went down in our parking lot last night that I don’t care to know about.  Eww…

It is fun to stay at the YMCA... I guess.

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