Pictures While Driving: Subway Man

Somedays you hate your job and you think it will never end.  One thing after another, after another… after another.  Then something hits you like a ton of bricks and you realize… it isn’t that bad after all.  You could be standing on the corner of a busy intersection, during spring break, in a suit in the shape of a sub sandwich, in 80 degree weather.

It is times like this when I say… I love my job.

Wave... your own double danger!

3 thoughts on “Pictures While Driving: Subway Man”

  1. a giz mopper? hell no, i don’t care how much it pays.

    i’m with you. no matter how much the jobs drag me down sometimes, i can always look around and see someone in a way worse spot than me.

  2. We bank at that Chase and it always makes me happy to see the sandwich guy. Next time hes taking a picture with me for myspace wither he likes it or not.

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