Pictures While Driving & Such

Sometimes we snap pics while we are driving, other times we might be eating or walking or whatever we happen to be doing where something doesn’t make a lot of sense.  Or perhaps the irony of it all just goes overboard.  Whatever the case, this is one of those posts – and honestly it is a dump of pics we have snapped over time and just forgot to post for whatever reason (we GET BUSY WITH LIFE OK!).

So enjoy this batch of nonsense… hope it leads into your holiday weekend nicely.

Oh and one last thing… I apologize for the picture quality on most of these.  They are normally taken with my phone and well my phone is a phone… not a camera or camcorder or dvd player or Baskin Robbins.  So deal with it.

This first one is one I snapped while driving home and realized that this person really doesn’t know the purpose of a back window.  Or maybe I do not know the purpose.  Amongst all the stuff on the back window, the sticker claiming the high school, the stickers claiming colleges and then the supporting of some kind of organization…  you find the overall thing of graduating in 2008.  The topper… the fact that a bird tagged the car as well with its special message… POOOOOOP.

Back Window Overload.

With this next one, it just seemed funny because the bumper sticker said… “Bad Boys Drive Bad Toys”.  I have to agree completely with this one… this is one BAD toy.  Bad bad bad.  Perhaps this “bad toy” was bad in the early 80’s eh?

Bad Boys Drive Bad Toys

I have actually ate the foods sold by this next company, however… it still doesn’t make the name appropriate if you put a big friendly bear on it.  **shakes head**

Bimbo foods?

And when did toothpicks start going bad?  Better check yours.

Toothpicks Expire

Once again… seeing things like this when it is upwards of 90 degrees outside (hell, even on a cold day) – makes me LOVE my job.

Dancing Ice Cream

All these rappers claim Compton and how gangster it is… you can barely make out this sign – but it is Compton.  Doesn’t look all that hard to me?

City of Compton ain't gangsta.

And finally… this wasn’t snapped by me, but it was on our local news.  I think we found the Bad Boy driving the Bad Toy from above.  This guy deserved to be arrested with hair like this.

Bad Boy Haircut

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  1. How funny, I just saw a BIMBO truck going down the highway last week. That sure is a company name that you would remember.

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