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It is the weekend time, actually it is about 7:30AM Saturday as I type and we already have big plans.  Well “work” is more the word than “plans”.  This past week we grabbed a few bags of mulch/humus mixture to use in the garden and went ahead and did one of the 1/4(s) that day.  Our soil is so dry here; we figured we needed to work on it a bit.  Also after seeing of gardens so much lately, we realized…

Hey… our dirt is brown and hard as a rock.  What gives?

We lacked a good top soil and mulch or compost to go along with it.  So this weekend, we plan to finish it off.  We will be picking up about 15 bags of mulch and getting rest of the 1/4(s) this weekend done.  Shala snapped an aerial view of the garden the other day after we finished putting the mulch in.  It looks good, but will look great when we get the rest of it done.  I am sure the plants are clapping and throwing parties.

Garden Arial View

Also we plan to work with the pool area a bit this weekend.  We did have to take some of the grass out since we are putting the pool down and grass will work its way up through the pool if we do not.  So we have some super high grade, totally non-organic (sorry Earth…) roundup/sulfate mixture that we have put down on it that will force that grass into overdrive and eventually kill it.  Sad, but the things you have to do in order to have pool parties these days. 😉 

We are going to purchase some of the stuff for that area today and possibly build the “boardwalks” that will skirt two sides of the pool.  Maybe we can pick up a few plants for planters and such if we happen to find any.  😉  What are the chances we will find any though… right?

Pool Area Project

And lastly, in a totally non-weekend topic.  As you know, next weekend is Memorial Day and so that means that people will be breaking out the BBQ grills for the first time.  So in honor of that fact we are deeming next week BBQ Week here at Double Danger. 

What does this really mean? 

Well it could mean a lot of things, but mostly it means that instead of being 90% gardening and 8% BBQ and 2% nonsense… we will try to be closer to 50%/48%/2%.  In favor of BBQ of course.  We will be giving hints and tips to making your first BBQ of the season the best.  We will hopefully give you some ideas on how to throw the best Memorial Day BBQ.  Tips on how to cook the best foods, make the best sides or just how to keep your beer the coldest.  😉  You know things like that.

We will still have great gardening articles as always, but expect to see a few more BBQ start popping up from this point forward… we are getting into the “prime time” of BBQing.  Be sure to sign up for our RSS feed for our BBQ Tips next week.  You can get updates via email as well… so what are you waiting for?

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