Plants & Veggies Update w/ Pictures

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While working in the garden this weekend I was able to get a lot of good pictures and I wanted to share them with you all.  Hope you enjoy our plants and I know that some of you are also gardening (Benny & Mari, Tim & Jessica) so get to posting some pictures!

First off our brand new babies that just broke the surface this weekend.

My favorite baby is the cantelope.  It just looks so cute!

Cantelope sprout growing

Next is squash and cucumber in that order.  We had actually started both squash and cucumber in the storage and then transplanted them into the garden, but they didn’t survive the hail storm that we received just three days after their transplant.  There is one cucumber that we aren’t giving up on yet, but we decided to go ahead and plant some directly in the garden to make sure that we got some.

Squash sprout growing


Cucumber sprout growing

Even though we say every weekend that we aren’t going to buy anymore stuff we always do.  First up is our new strawberry plant.  We did this in a hanging pot since we are out of room in the ground.  It already has one tiny little strawberry.

Strawberry Plant in hanging pot

Strawberry Plants Growing in the Garden

Our next new plant is another tomato plant.  We found a plant at Aldredge Gardens that claims to have the world’s smallest red tomatoes.  James decided that was the one that we had to have.  It will be cool to have those tiny tomatoes for salads and such and guess what?  They are cute!  They say that about 10 tomatoes will fit in a spoon – that is how small they are!

World's smallest Tomato plant

Last but not least our Hibiscus.  It has been struggling a little bit because I was worried about over watering and I think that I was under watering it.  It was doing much better this weekend and blessed us with 5 flowers.  I was so excited, I have to be honest, this is my favorite plant that we have.

Hibiscus blooming

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