Red Potatoes – Harvested

We had to pull some of our Red Potatoes early, the plant was dying and so we started the treasure hunt last night.  Since we harvested them a bit early, there wasn’t that many and some were small – but still… how cool is it to grow your own.  Right?

We have 3 more plants that are doing ok, so we are waiting on those.  We have them laying out to bake a bit and “cure” or whatever.  Then we are eating those lil dudes.  Check the pictures below.  Don’t be hatin’ on my socks and “dock shoes” either… I didn’t want dirt in my shoes! 

At least Shala spared everyone the blinding light that is my bald head in the sun.  She was so polite in saying…

“Hey… move your head the other way for a sec.”

She loves me enough to keep me from being a intraweb joke of the day.  She should have told me about my socks though.  😉  Enjoy the taters!

Harvesting Potatoes

Harvesting Potatoes

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