Spring – Is That You?

So its 84 at the moment here in West Texas… tomorrow 89 degrees.  Everyone is kind of freaking out because they are worried about one last freeze. 


Your not my boss… you can’t tell me what to do.

With temps hitting near 90 lately or higher, Spring is here and it’s tapping us on the shoulder saying…

“Dude… what are you waiting on?  Frost ain’t got nothing on you.”

Proof Spring has sprung…

Tulips & Such

We have a few peppers itching to get a chance to prove the “last freeze” it’s full of crap.

Pepper Seedling

And Tomatoes that I am pretty sure they are giving the “last freeze” the finger.  Yup – pretty sure.

Tomato Seedlings

The Onions are sooo over living indoors.  They are pissed – and have started a revolution.

Onions Growing

Anyone else with us on this… let’s show the “last freeze” that we don’t play that game.

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3 thoughts on “Spring – Is That You?”

  1. Megan it is possible and I keep telling James that we will have one more around Easter. He keeps saying we won’t so we have bet on it. I need to find something good for him to buy me when I win!

  2. First time commenter here! I am with you all the way, I just can’t help myself with the beautiful weather we’re having. I already planted my onions out… thinking about doing broccoli and brussels sprouts today. I love your gardening updates 🙂 And I think I’ll go add you on flickr right now!

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