Squash Problem?

Ok gardeners… need your help on this one.  Our second go at squash is going great, actually our second go at squash & cucumbers.  But these are getting a bit bigger and actually they look to have buds coming in.  All pretty cool…

Now, on with the problem or questions or whatever…

Check the picture below.

Squash Problem?

I show you this picture first, not to ask if those are buds, but for you to look at the leaves close up.  See how they have those highly defined viens of white.  Is this normal?  I will show you the other picture from farther away and it almost looks white for the most part.  This has us worried since it is already getting late in the season and have yet to pull anything off in regards to squash.  Do we have a disease?  It doesn’t look like all the pics we have looked at of powdery mildew… but we lean on you guys to help us out.

So what do you think?  Here is a pic of it from a bit further away.  We are not sure the exact type of squash at the moment but could find out.  I didn’t feel it was some super rare kinda – picked it up at just a local store.  Anyhow tell us what you think.

Squash getting bigger

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