The Episode Where We Save The Strawberries

A couple of weekends ago we picked up three strawberry plants for one dollar a piece.  They were on sale because they weren’t doing too great.  We got them in hopes that we could baby them a bit and keep them going.  It is looking like that is working.

All three of the plants are showing new growth and seem to be doing really well.

Strawberry Plant with New Growth

Strawberry Plant New Growth

This is the first time that we have grown strawberries.  We bought some last year but they didn’t make it long, so does anybody have an tips for us to get some great fruit and healthy plants?

3 thoughts on “The Episode Where We Save The Strawberries”

  1. No tips per se, but when I grew strawberries years back, they were very forgiving. Extremely easy to keep happy, at least in Portland, so I bet yours will do just fine with a little love.

  2. Congrats on the strawberry plant babies! I’ve got a 2-parter on growing strawberries on my blog:

    Do you know whether they are everbearing or June-bearing, ’cause that will make a difference to how you treat them. For instance, you should pinch off the blossoms 1st year of June-bearers. That way they can put more energy into setting roots and runners. Everbearers you can get fruit the 1st year.

    Strawberries have a shallow root system so you have to keep them well-watered – about an inch of water a week when they are bearing fruit. Mulch is a great idea – even in container gardening ’cause it’ll keep soil cool and weeds at bay.

    Let your June-bearers put out runners; the everbearers s/b trimmed back. One of your other commenters made a great point: All in all, strawberries are pretty easy keepers as long as they get enough water. Plus, they are sooooooo good when you grow your own! Good luck and keep us posted, OK?

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