The Proof Is In The Peaches

So at lunch I snapped a few pics of the bird-chewed peaches, and contemplated their death while doing so.  I wish I could just catch one and tear his/her lil wings off and…

just kidding.


But look at this…

Birds Eat Peaches

and this…

Again with the birds eating the peaches.

and this one… you see, the birds eat them… and then ants smell the sweet goodness from above.  The ants climb the tree and then they do their best rendention of 9 1/2 Weeks on our peaches.  Not cool.

Birds & Ants Eat Peaches

After seeing the not cool stuff going on with the peach tree… I had a little talk with our big lion of a dog and explained to her how birds are eating Mommy & Daddy’s peaches and that she was a bird dog by nature and that she needed to sit beneath the tree and guard it with all her might.

She agreed she was the best for the job.

Until we can get some netting to replace her.

Izzy Guarding The Peach Tree

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