The Proof Is In The Peaches

So at lunch I snapped a few pics of the bird-chewed peaches, and contemplated their death while doing so.  I wish I could just catch one and tear his/her lil wings off and…

just kidding.


But look at this…

Birds Eat Peaches

and this…

Again with the birds eating the peaches.

and this one… you see, the birds eat them… and then ants smell the sweet goodness from above.  The ants climb the tree and then they do their best rendention of 9 1/2 Weeks on our peaches.  Not cool.

Birds & Ants Eat Peaches

After seeing the not cool stuff going on with the peach tree… I had a little talk with our big lion of a dog and explained to her how birds are eating Mommy & Daddy’s peaches and that she was a bird dog by nature and that she needed to sit beneath the tree and guard it with all her might.

She agreed she was the best for the job.

Until we can get some netting to replace her.

Izzy Guarding The Peach Tree

9 thoughts on “The Proof Is In The Peaches”

  1. Sorry about the peaches. My grandpa used to fight with the birds and squirrels every year. He even put out owl and snake decoys in the trees. Can’t remember if they worked or not.

    Hope the net helps.


  2. But just think about how much God’s creatures love you for the peaches you are supplying. There’s more than enough to go around…why don’t you go buy your peaches from the grocery store like regular folks??…or get a bb gun. Either way.

    And thanks for leaving a comment …I really didn’t think people read my comments when I left them and therefore felt maybe I was wasting my time…I sppose not.

  3. @Sam – We have an owl decoy – but prolly too far away to really matter. Snakes… now thats an idea. 😉

    Thanks for stopping by btw.

    @Kathy – haha – you buy peaches, Imma fight the birds for ’em. Of course we read the replies… this is a community right? Does that mean that you don’t read our replies?!? we shall see.

  4. Birds are rude.
    I can’t do anything to deter them, but the pigeons that roosted on my front porch for years got, um, removed by raccoons two years ago, and no new pigeons have taken their place since.

  5. pick anything that has not been pecked and take them inside. They will get ripe in a bowl on a table or windowsil. DANG, y’all have hungry birds.

  6. @themanicgardener – sorry to hear about that. Grrr is right!

    @Megan – Where can I get raccoons from? 😉

    @deb – I think we might do that, at this rate we will have nothing on the tree but seeds by this weekend.

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