The Smallest Harvest On The Planet

If nothing… we have always been honest.

This past week we harvested our first real harvest of the year.  Granted, we had pulled some peppers, but they were tiny and really I don’t count it.  Oh… and one squash.  But this is our first more than just one veggie harvest of the year, so we thought we would show it off.

It is tiny… but its a start of what I’m sure will be many HUGE harvests weekly.  Hell, we are just happy to have something to eat something to show and something to be proud of.  Right?

This would probably feed a small child in a random country… but it is likely to be a nice side item to a killer future meal.

So don’t laugh…

First Harvest

Yup, that is 3 squash and 2 okra pods and a banana pepper.  Eat your heart out AMERICA!

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