The Smallest Harvest On The Planet

If nothing… we have always been honest.

This past week we harvested our first real harvest of the year.  Granted, we had pulled some peppers, but they were tiny and really I don’t count it.  Oh… and one squash.  But this is our first more than just one veggie harvest of the year, so we thought we would show it off.

It is tiny… but its a start of what I’m sure will be many HUGE harvests weekly.  Hell, we are just happy to have something to eat something to show and something to be proud of.  Right?

This would probably feed a small child in a random country… but it is likely to be a nice side item to a killer future meal.

So don’t laugh…

First Harvest

Yup, that is 3 squash and 2 okra pods and a banana pepper.  Eat your heart out AMERICA!

8 thoughts on “The Smallest Harvest On The Planet”

  1. Hey, no laughing here! My vegetable harvest so far this year has consisted of a small bunch of radishes. I’m still holding out hope for the Swiss Chard and I may plant some more salad mix and lettuce soon for fall harvest. Couldn’t be worse! LOL

    ANY harvest is a good harvest. It means you’ve planted the seeds (or seedlings), helped it grow and are feeding yourselves….so that’s nothing to laugh at.

  2. @Heidi – thanks, I guess we should be happy – just seems on the small side. But yup… from seed to this… quite a kickass journey.

  3. No laughing here… our spring harvests were very good but it looks like our summer harvests are quickly becoming fall harvests! So far we’ve only gotten a handful of beans from the veggies. The herbs have been the big harvest from our garden so far. Mounds of herbs harvested and dried for winter use.

    Fingers crossed here for an actual summer harvest in the summer…

  4. @Shibaguyz – well good to know this summer has been slow for some other folks as well. We are thinking our summer harvest will be more of a fall harvest for everyone else… since our season is super long. Texas for ya…

  5. We’ve actually been pretty blessed – we’ve been pulling an average of 4 or 5 zuchs, 3 or 4 squash, a WHOLE lotta tomatoes (lately), Anaheim’s, and now we have 3 larger-than-softball sized watermelons growing…

    I’m telling ya, the hay garden is where it’s at! ^_-

    seriously though, glad to see you are benefitting now from all your hard work and R&D – i know i’ve benefitted from your R&D ;P

  6. @tim- R&D… ha yeah. Melons… man, our melons kicked the bucket. Hopin’ to pull off some, but doubt there is time. We replanted a few.

  7. Ok, I did giggle a tiny bit but hey, you’ve got more than I do right now. I have one okra and a half a hand full of green beans. Gardening rocks!!!!!
    Grow on dude!


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