Things Happened While We Were Gone

I would be lying if I said we didn’t think about our garden this past weekend.  We were out of town and this was the first time leaving it alone.  We watered heavily the day we left, just to make sure nothing died of heat stroke – since it was 90-95 the week before. 

The good thing was the fact that Friday & Saturday it was supposed to be 90 or so again, so we knew it would help some of the plants still struggling from our strange weather patterns and of course the transplant process itself.

The bad thing… well Sunday morning when I woke up I checked the weather online in our area and it was 42 with light rain.  What!?!  It was 90 when we left… welcome to West Texas weather.  We had a 4-5 hour drive back, so we left early to make it back… don’t bring it up, Shala is still pissed at me about it. 😉

Seriously… you better not bring it up. haha

When we got home, the weather had gotten just a tad better, it was probably 55-60 or so, with cloud cover.  We had caught a bit of rain in the morning it seemed, but for the most part everything seemed to be alive and well.  In fact, when we started walking through the garden we realized that everything seemed to have had a great time while we were away.  Lots of things changed, and so we snapped some pics to show off.  Enjoy.

If you want, check our our photo stream at flickr.  Be our friend if you want.  We won’t bite.  Hard.

Watermelon Sprout Pictures.

This little guy (black diamond watermelon) has been above ground about a week.

Huskey Tomato Pictures

Huskey Tomato producing now.  There is 3 tomatoes on there now, with several blooms. 🙂

The World's Smallest Tomato Photos

These are the “World’s Smallest Tomatoes”, or at least that is what they say.  3 on this one as well.

Squash Sprout Pictures

The squash we planted from seed are really coming alive now.

Yellow Onions Pictures

These were not even above ground when we left… now they are 3-4 inches tall.

Baby Hibiscus Pictures

This Hibiscus is doing awesome, remember when we first took it’s picture?

Cucumber Sprout Pictures

Cucumber is doing awesome also, lots of sun, lots of water.

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