Throwback Lounge Chair Project

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So I spent some time at my Grandpa’s yesterday (Sunday) working with my parents to take all of the old tile out of the house in preparation for new tile.  My hands ache with joy today.  What a horrible line of work – I am so happy I am a nerd 5 days a week and sometimes on the weekends.

Anyhow in the midst of all of the tile removal, we were going through things as we moved them out of the way and I saw this gem shining out amongst all the other crap piled up in the back.  My Mom had mentioned there was a chair in the back that needed some love and with the pool/oasis area we are planning to create this summer… I knew that we had to take it. 

Of course it has some rust issues and needs a good sanding and painting – but who better to do it than us right?  I thought so too.  Shala had her doubts, but at the same time… I think she sees the potential. 

Here are a few pics of the chair so you can check it out and imagine it redone and with my fatass sitting on it drinking some fruiting drink, basking in the sun and all that crap. haha  Oh I did forget to mention there was a old broken bird bath that needed some love also and so I picked it up and I will use my MIGHTY PUTTY to fix it!  A new coat of paint and some rust protection will do it some good as well.  Check it out already, and give us your thoughts.  Be sure to check out the wheels… they are AWESOME… seriously, awesome.

Lounge Chair Prior to Refinishing

Lounge Chair Redesign

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