Transform a Room’s Design With Vases

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When we bought our new house we decided that our decorating schemes were going to be a little different than they were at our apartment.  Our living room consisted of mostly muted earth tones and while it was nice we decided that we wanted more color to liven up the place.

The previous owners painted all the rooms before we moved in, however the living room has to be my favorite.  The walls are a darker tan and the fire place is a rich chocolate color – all trimmed in white baseboards & crown molding.  While looking around at some decorating ideas I decided on shades of blue and brown (its the new black?).  Have you ever tried to find anything with any sort of color besides brown, yellow and orange in November and December?  Don’t… TRUST ME, because you won’t find what you are looking for. 

I finally took a little trip to Tuesday Morning and found a perfect vase for our mantel and something to mold the rest of the room around.  It’s very nice and heavy and was originally marked $80.  Of course I would have never paid $80 for it, but it was marked to $30 and I thought that was resonable enough.  It sat on our mantel for a couple of months without anything in it because I hate fake flowers and I couldn’t find anything that really struck me. 

Then one day as I was walking into Michael’s I looked over at Pier One and saw exactly what I wanted.  They go very nicely with the vase and look great against the brown fire place.  See pic below.

Blue Vase - Design on a dime.

On the same trip to Tuesday Morning I found the cutest vase to go in our kitchen.  The kitchen scheme we settled on is green apples.  Not country apples!!  NEVER country!  Really simple clean green apple pictures and bright green accents.  This vase was a great steal at $4.89.  Who could pass up a deal like that right?  It sits in the middle of our table and has a fresh bouquet of flowers every two weeks or so.  I love the pop of color that it adds to our dark cherry wood table.

Green & White Vase for 5 bucks!

Tip of the day:  Fresh flowers can add much needed color and life to any room.  You can pick up a bouquet for around 5 bucks and there are some types of flowers that will last up to two weeks. 

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