Trying To Change Nestmaker’s Mind

We aren’t that into roses. 

We aren’t that into your run of the mill blooming plants.  Most anyhow.

Megan over at Nestmaker had a post yesterday (Flower Snob) talking about how she wasn’t that into plants flowering as much as the foliage they produce.  In most cases we are similar over here at Double D.  Many times we are torn on plants because we LOVE the leaves… but hate the blooms.  But we have purchased a few because of their blooms… we can’t lie on that.

Really we are Hibiscus fans, not as much as Deb – but we are getting there.  Like I have said before, I think it has to do with our trip to Hawaii and seeing them there and falling in love with them while on vacation.  The minute we got a house, it was one of the first plants we bought.

Along with Hibiscus, we like those plants that flower tons of small flowers.  It seems cool to walk out and have a flowerbed full of color… like our 4 O’Clocks, or Vinca.  We really like the Vinca because their leaves have awesome texture and they are so lush.  The blooms are not all that awesome… but they are fine.

Anyhow… we had a few things bloom the past couple days and we wanted to share, and see if Megan would allow them to live if they were in her garden.  😉


This was our first bloom from our small yellow/orange Hibiscus that has been being a bit stingey (is that the right spelling?) since we got it.  Glad to see it finally produce a bloom.  A beautiful one at that.

Yellow/Orange Hibiscus Bloom

Also – we purchased this one last week… it is a different kind of Hisbiscus (maybe Deb can identify it for us, we need to send you money or something… you are like our resident bada$$).  It bloomed that day and everyday since.

Pinkish Hibiscus Bloom

And finally, this one was unexpected as we didn’t even know that Caladiums bloomed… DOH!  This one looks cool, I think it will make the cut, even if you are not a bloom fan.

Caladium Blooms

6 thoughts on “Trying To Change Nestmaker’s Mind”

  1. Oh it IS ON!! GARDEN BLOG WAR!!
    You should know I’m a total hypocrite. I have plenty of flowers, I just expect the leaves to earn their keep, and the flowers can’t ruin the overall look. I tried growing hibiscus early on, and it promptly died on me. That caladium bloom is terrific, I had no idea either.

  2. @Megan – no way… no war here. haha Hibiscus are cool because the leaves are awesome on most types but the blooms are only around for a day and then shrivel up and die. Which is a perfect option for those that lean to the leaf.

  3. Hi y’all. It is rose mallow or hardy hibiscus. Looks like a lot like our mimi, but the leaves a different. If you want seeds from Texas Star, Southern Belle, or Lord Baltimore, let me know.

  4. Almost forgot, just cut it back when it die out in the winter. It is a perennial and that one is one of our natives.

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