Updates from the Planting Station

Lots of exciting things are happening on our planting station, so I thought that I would give you all some updates.

The Aerogarden is amazing us with quick growth.  These pictures were taken on Thursday, which was one week from when we started.

Aerogarden Salad Greens

They are already a lot bigger than they are in these pictures and I can honestly see us harvesting a little bit after 3 weeks of growth like they claim.  I will try to do a weekly update on Thursdays.  I’m a little late this week but that is James’ fault, ok not really, but I hate taking the blame!

Our other seeds are sprouting up like crazy!  The Brandywines will be moved to their own pots to finish growing either tonight or tomorrow.  Almost every plant has a pretty good size set of true leaves, so it’s time to give them some room to grow.  The Totem hybrid and Pomodoro II San Marzano Lungo got a later start, but almost all of them have sprouted.  They are still getting the baby sprout treatment and we figure it will be another week or so before they are moved into the peat pots.  After the weekend stops at some local places we have two more varieties that need to get started.  Hopefully I will get that done after work. (I said that yesterday too and it still hasn’t happened)

All of our peppers have also sprouted except for the Summer Salad blend.  They are about a week behind the others so it’s ok that they are still germinating.

I feel like we were A LOT better at the germination stage this year than we were last year.  Our seeds were started earlier and were cared for MUCH better.  Maybe more of our transplants will survive this year. 

We went into this year thinking that we were going to be doing all container gardening since there wasn’t a garden plot ready to go.  Well after buying some containers and realizing that we were going to have a lot of plants we decided to start on the raised beds.  We wanted to go this route eventually anyway so might as well start now.  I don’t know that we will have all of them built and ready this season so we will still do some container gardening, but it’s nice to get it started.  James (with a little help from me) built one this weekend and even added a very efficient row cover. 

Check it out!  Isn’t that awesome?  James will be back at some point this week with one of his very famous how-tos.

Raised Bed with Row Cover

4 thoughts on “Updates from the Planting Station”

  1. I like that shot of the aero Garden. I would like to see more exploration of the aero garden as art shots.

    And what no fun pictures of you guys inside the coffin peeking out before you put the dirt in? Its a good Idea. Is the cover to keep the wind away? whats it made of?

  2. You guys have much more dedication than I do. I always lost interest in my sprouting seeds before I got to a transplanting point. Much respect.

  3. @ Anita – The cover is to help with the wind and also to keep the plants warm if we happen to have a cold spell after they are planted. It won’t stay on all the time, just when the weather is extreme.

    @Megan – We love sprouts. When they all get to the point of just waiting, we start more seeds and end up with much more than we need!

    @ Deb – We too had our doubts, but it is not disappointing! I think that it’s safe to say that they have doubled in size since last Thursday. I will post new pictures tomorrow.

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