Waiting for the Hummers

Awhile back I bought this really neat, modern looking humming bird feeder from Target.  While it was very nice looking it wouldn’t hold the juices like it was supposed to, it just dripped contanstatly on the ground below.  This gave our dogs a nice sweet treat as they ate the dirt to get to the juice.  Obviously I wasn’t going to attrack any hummers like that, so I picked up a new one this past weekend while we were out and about. 

I really love the look of it and hope that it starts attracting some hummers soon.  Not a bad price either – I think it was $14.99.

Humming bird feeder

2 thoughts on “Waiting for the Hummers”

  1. Beautiful feeder! I have found that the hummers come to my yard for whats blooming and then stay to feast on my feeders. They like to have something to perch on and watch the feeder too – especially if there are many vying for a place at the feeder. They are so much fun to watch! Enjoy

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