Watch Food Inc. – Let It Change The Way You Eat

Everyone had been mentioning it to us for a while.  Saying either watch it… or don’t – it is that impactful.  Which is strange for someone to say.  Watch it… or don’t.  Pretty easy to make a decision there… win/win.

But what they are meaning (and after watching, we can vouch)… it isn’t something you can “un-watch”.  In other words, you will NEVER see food the same way again. 

Being an urban farmer, we understand how important it is for us to grow our own food if/when we can – eat local… all natural if at all possible – but seeing this Movie made that choice even MORE of a priority.

We watched it on afternoon, then later that afternoon headed to the store and bought almost 100% organic products.  After watching it, I can honestly say I didn’t want to eat a hamburger for the first time in my life.  And listen folks… I AM a hamburger.  Throw a couple buns around me… I promise half my body weight is bacon already and burgers from the last 3o years of my life (yes I ate Gerber’s burgers I’m sure) – and you got one burger-fied fat boy.  I couldn’t imagine the number of burgers I have ate in my life.  So I’m sure the damage is done… but still, I just can’t picture shoving one of those “ammonia cleansed meat filler” burgers in my face ever again.

Now don’t get me wrong – I will eat a burger if it is known to be all natural or I can verify it – or make it myself…  but those fast food burgers that used to be consumed because it was “easy”… no more. 

I say all that to say this… I finally ate my first burger since watching Food Inc. last night.  We made it ourselves here at the house.  All natural Texas raised beef, bacon, organic cheese, organic lettuce, tomato, anaheim chiles on a whole wheat bun…

Watch Food Inc?  Then You Understand How Great This Burger Is.

Eat your heart out foodies.  It was tasty. 

Have you seen Food Inc?  Some people said one day they watched it online – I’m not buying it… but they seemed like credible sources.  They showed it on PBS the other night on POV – which is awesome.  Everyone should watch it if they haven’t… and we actually watched it a second time when it was on PBS.

Here is a link to the Food Inc. Trailer for those of you wanting to watch Food Inc. online for free (cheaters!) – Food Inc Trailer (HD).  It’s the best we can do for you.

How did Food Inc. change your life?  Did it?  Did it not?  Share your feelings about Food Inc. in the comments section below.

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