We Are Back… Like It Or Not

Here we are, rejuvenated and all that.  Ready to get back on the grind and work our little butts off to try and catch up again.  We had a great time in Ruidoso, which isn’t a real surprise since we always tend to.  That is why we go!  Ruidoso offers an awesome retreat for West Texas folks, since it has mountains and cool weather. 

We stayed at the Black Bear Lodge, which is a bed & breakfast in the Upper Canyon.  The room was nice, HUGE bed and a two man… err two person jacuzzi tub in each room.  Oh yeah.  Overall we were pretty pleased with it, and would recommend anyone heading to Ruidoso to check it out.

While there we snapped a few pics and felt like we needed to share them with you guys… since you are nosey as hell, and thats why we like you.  So see below for a few pics from the weekend.

Black Bear Lodge - Ruidoso NM

The bed that we both did not want to leave.  The picture does it little justice, you could lay on it sideways without your feet hanging off.

Black Bear Lodge Pictures

The tub.  Better than ours at home – barely.

Shala & I in Roswell, NM

I promise I was excited – I just don’t show it in pictures.

The Hills... not the TV show... duh.

This is between Ruidoso & Roswell – seemed pretty at the time.  Kinda brown.

Deer - yup.

11 deer in one picture – right off one of the main roads.  Very cool.

More Deer.

Think that is Bambi, I don’t remember cinder blocks in the book though.

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