We Are Making Babies…

Vincas people… vincas. 

Had you looking for a second… thats called marketing.  😉

I can just see our Mothers clicking this post like crazy and leaving brutal comments after reading about it.  Sorry Moms.

We planted some vincas in one of our backyard flowerbeds what seems like forever ago.  After doing our best job at killing them off by not watering – we have remedied our ways now and have some healthy vincas that are loving life.

The other day we were out looking at them and Shala was looking real close and we saw tons of little sprouts and stuff coming up around the base and even in random places in between.  We figured they were weeds, but after looking closer… they appear to be tiny vincas.

I’m glad Shala noticed, because I usually go through there and just start pulling anything that looks like a weed or weed sprout.  Saved by the wife.  Gotta love it.

So while we were out there we snapped a few pics of them and we wanted to share these babies with you, internets.

Check the tiny ones coming up around the base of this plant.

Vinca Babies Starting

And this is an example of the random ones popping up throughout the flowerbed.

Baby Vinca for your enjoyment.

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